The pro micro board (Arduino Leonardo board) cannot be recognized by computer


The pro micro board (Arduino Leonardo board) cannot be recognized by computer


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If your pro micro board (Arduino Leonardo board)  cannot be recognized by computer, you could try the following methods to solve the problem.

Step 1. Connect the board with your computer, Right-click my computer –> manager

pro micro-step 1

Step 2. You need to check if you board is on good condition firstly.

Connect the board with your computer, right –> click your computer –> manager à device manager –> Universal Serial Bus controllersUSB.If you see the prompt of Unknow USB Device (the device descriptor request failed) , it means the board is defective.

pro micro-step 3

Step 3: Click the device manager to check the port if Ardunio Leonardo (COM5) with yellow warm sign. It means that you need to install the diver again.

pro micro-step 2-1

The yellow warm sign as shown:

pro micro-step 2-2

Step 4: You need to double click the Ardunio Leonardo (COM5). Then install the driver again as per prompt.

pro micro-step 4-1 pro micro-step 4-2 pro micro-step 4-3 pro micro-step 4-4

If have install the driver successfully. You would see the Ardunio Leonardo (COM5).

Step 5: Then the warm sign will disappearred.

pro micro-step 5

Step 6: Please select the correct board ( the tools–> Board –>Arduino Leonardo)

pro micro step 6

Step 7: Please select the correct port ( Port–> COM5( Arduino Leonardo) )

pro micro-step 7

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