MPU6050 Tri-axis Gyroscope Sensor Module


MPU6050 Tri-axis Gyroscope Sensor Module

MPU6050 module combine tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope sensor, can be widely used in smart car, balance car, airplane model and so on.

This tutorial is to teach you to read the date in the MPU6050 tri-axis gyroscope sensor.
1.The Components

Pictures Device Quantity
LACC200600 UNO Board 1
Tri-axis Gyroscope Sensor MPU6050 Tri-axis Gyroscope Sensor 1

2.Circuit Diagram:

3.The MPU6050 databook:

4. The Code
It is simple to read the data in the MPU6050 via the third-party library.
MPU6050 library:MPU6050
I2Cdev library:I2Cdev

You need to copy the two above library files to the libraries of the arduino IDE installation directory. There is a file named MPU6050, you can see the sample code or revise the code as per your needs.

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