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KOOKYE Universal Starter Kits V2 for Arduino Beginner

KOOKYE Universal Starter Kits for NodeMCU IoT and Arduino Beginner

This Arduino Starter Kit is a very good do-and-learn package for starter to study MCU(microcontroller unit) programming. With this Starter Kit, you are able to do and learn many Arduino lab project such as imitating pedestrian traffic light with button and LEDs, displaying text string with Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) and using Potentiometer to control servo motor, etc.

Also you can learn the basic concepts of buttons, resistors, sensors,IR remote control and receivers, how to use sensors to detect environment(i.e light, temperature), and how to use 74HC595 Shifting Register IC to extend Arduino Digital Ports.

Every project in this starter kit has detailed circuit graph, step-by-step tutorial and fully-tested Arduino sample codes which can save lots of your research time and speed up your learning progress.

After you finishes all the projects in this kit, you are no more a beginner! You become an intermediate Arduino player!

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Package Included:

P1: Flashing LEDs TUTORIAL
P2: Using photoresistor to detect light TUTORIAL
P3: Use potentiometer to control a servo TUTORIAL
P4: Decode IR Controller with IR Receiver TUTORIAL
P5: TMP36 temperature sensor project TUTORIAL
P6: Control traffic lights with a push button TUTORIAL
P7: Tilt Sensor Test Project TUTORIAL
P8: 16×2 I2C LiquidCrystal Display(LCD) TUTORIAL
P9: Serial to Parallel Shifting-Out with a 74HC595 TUTORIAL
P10:Display 4-digit numbers on a 5643 Dixie LED tube TUTORIAL
P11:Display 1-digit 0 to 9 in 7-seg Nixie LED Tube TUTORIAL
P12:Project to Test BYJ48 Stepper Motor TUTORIAL
P13:Use potentiometer to control a servo TUTORIAL
P14:Test Piezo Buzzer TUTORIAL
P15:How to read resistor color code TUTORIAL
P16:Use DHT11 detect the temperature and humidity TUTORIAL
P17:Ultrasonic distance sensor project TUTORIAL
P18:Dot matrix LED display project TUTORIAL
P19:Infrared obstacle avoidance test TUTORIAL

Package Included:

  • Pictures Content
  • UNO R3 1* UNO R3 Board and cable(fully compatible with Arduino UNO R3)
  • led light 24* LED(6*white, 6*Red, 6*Yellow, 6*Green)
  • DKST100100-4-Digit led 1* 4-Digit 7 segment LED display
  • DKST100100-1-Digit led 1* 1-Digit 7 segment LED display
  • Photoressitor 3* Photoressitor (Light sensor)
  • Potentionmeter 1* Potentionmeter(10k adjustable resistor)
  • 74HC595 Shifting register 1* 74HC595 Shifting register
  • I2c display 1* I2c display(16*2)
  • Stepper Motor+Bridge 1* Stepper Motor+Bridge
  • Piezo Buzzer 1* Piezo Buzzer
  • SG90 1* SG90 servo motor
  • Tilt Sensor(SW-520D) 1* Tilt Sensor(SW-520D)
  • DHT11 Humidity sensor 1* DHT11 Humidity sensor
  • DKST100100-TMP36 1* Temperature sensor TMP36
  • HC-SR04 1* Ultrasonic module HC-SR04
  • Obstacle avoidance 1* Obstacle avoidance sensor
  • Infrared remote 1* Infrared remote controller and receiver
  • Push buttons 5* Push buttons
  • Acrylic base 1* Acrylic base plate
  • breadboard 1* Solderless prototype breadboard
  • Resistors Resistors:
    15* Resistors(200 ohm)
    15* Resistors(470 ohm)
    15* Resistors(10K ohm)
  • jump wire Jumper Wires:
    40* 12cm male-male jumper
    15* 15cm male-male jumper
    5* 20cm & 25cm male-male jumper
    8* 20cm female-female jumper

Tutorial for NodeMCU IoT Kit—

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