Touch Sensor Module Project for Arduino


Touch Sensor Module Project for Arduino


Touch Switch Sensor export 0(low voltage) in normal status. When it is touched, it will export 1 (high voltage and last 12 seconds). If over 12 seconds without touching, it will export 0 again;
In this project, we will use touch switch sensor to send signal to Arduino and turn on/off LED.

2) Parts and Devices in this project:

1 x arduino UNO

1 x Touch Switch Sensor

1 x USB cable

1 x LED

Jumper wires

3) Circuit Graph


4)Sample code download link:

download toucuswitch code here


When you touch the sensor with hand, LED will turn on. When you remove your hand from sensor, the LED will turn off. See following pictures:

IMG_20160726_111439 IMG_20160726_111448

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