Vibration Sensor module


Vibration Sensor module


In this project, we will connect Arduino with Vibration sensor and LED. When no vibration is detected, Vibration sensor output is 0 (low voltage),otherwise its output is 1(high voltage)。 If Arduino get 0 (no vibration) from vibration sensor it will turn on green LED and turn off Red LED. If Arduino get 1 from vibration sensor, it will turn on Red LED and turn off green LED.

2)Parts and Devices:

1 x arduino UNO R3

1 x Vibration Sensor module

1 x Red LED

1 x USB cable

Jumper wires

3)Circuit graph:


4)sample code download link:

vibration_sensor Arduino code download here

Unzip file downloaded from above link and load the code into Arduino IDE.


When sensor is still, Green light is on and Red light is off. When you shake the sensor, red LED will flash and green LED is off. See following pictures:

IMG_20160815_164254 IMG_20160815_164314

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