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3D Touch Auto Leveling Sensor Marlin Setting

Marlin settings:

Marlin settings (take Marlin V1.1.X as example) 3pin cable connects to D11, 2pin cable connects to Zmin.

(1)Set leveling pin, which can’t use the same pin as endstop. Generally, on Delta machines, we use Zmin pin for BLtouch, Zmax pin for endstop .On l3 machines, we use Zmin pin as BLtouch, Zmax pin for endstop or don’t use endstop .

setting 1

(2)Set leveling type.

setting 2


setting 3

(4)Enable BLtouch.

setting 4

(5)Set the offset value of the leveling switch probe from the nozzle in the XYZ direction .

setting 5

(6)Set leveling mode

setting 6

(7)Set leveling points number

setting 7

(8)Set homing center

setting 8

(9)Store the leveling settings

1) Remove“//”before the “#define EEPROM__SETTINGS’, start M500 to store the data.

setting 9

2) Open Marlin__main.cpp,find’case28://G28:Home all axies, one at a time gcode__G28 (false);’add this sentence:’set __bed __leveling __enabled (true);’It’s important to add this sentence, otherwise the leveling data can’t be stored.

setting 9-2

(10) Remove ‘//’before the ‘#define NUM__SERVOS 3‘

setting 10