TMP36/LM35/2N3904 temperature sensor project


TMP36/LM35/2N3904 temperature sensor project

In this project, we will use TMP36/LM35/2N3904 sensor to test environment temperature.


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Step 1 – connect Temperature sensor with Arduino.
Connect sensor VCC pin to Arduino 5V port, GND pin to Arduino GND port and VOUT pin to Arduino A5 port.
see following graph:

Step 2Download tempsensor.ino sketch and load it into Arduino.

open the serial monitor window in Arduino IDE upright corner, you will see temperatures as following pictures:

TMP36- 5 Sensor- TEST

TMP36 Datesheet downlink :

If you want use 5pcs tmp36 sensor to test  surrounding enviroment temperature, you could follow these steps.

Materials & Tools :

Arduino Uno Board (usb cable)x1

TMP36 temperature sensor x5

Breadboard x1

jumper wires some

Circuit Connection:

Step1: Download the and upzip it. Open arduino IDE and open the tmp36_5TEST.ino file

Step2: Choose the correct board and port as pictures.

Step3: Click the arduino series monitor icon(top right corner icon),you will find the result.

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