Control traffic lights with a push button


Control traffic lights with a push button

This project will imitate cross pedestrian traffic light control with push button switch. We will use three LEDs(RED,YELLOW,GREEN) to imitate traffic lights in main road, use two LEDs(GREEN,RED) to imitate pedestrian cross light, use a push button to imitate pedestrian cross button. When push button is pressed, the GREEN light in main road will turn off and Yellow light will turn on for 2 seconds,then RED light will turn on, then GREEN pedestrian light will turn on. After 4 seconds, the Green pedestrian light will become flashing for 5 seconds and turn off. Red pedestrian will on and Main Road Red light will off and Main road green light will on.

Step 1 – Connect Arduino with LEDs,resistors and push button as per following grahp:

Step 2 Download crosstrafficlight.ino sketch file and load it into Arduino.

Step 3
– push the button, the main road red traffic light will turn on and pedestrian green light will turn on.

Project Expect Result:
Normal Status: Pedestrian RED light ON, Main Road Green Light ON
Stage 1: Pedestrian push the button
Stage 2: The traffic light in main road will turn YELLOW
Stage 3: Main road Yellow light turn off and Red turn on
Stage 4: Main road Red light turn off and pedestrian Green light will turn on.
Stage 5: Pedestrian Green light become flashing
Stage 6: Pedestrian Green light turn off,Main Road Red light turn off
Stage 7: Pedestrian Red light turn on, Main Road Green light turn on, back to normal status.

Project Demo Video:

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