Use Arduino to drive 8×8 LED matrix


Use Arduino to drive 8×8 LED matrix

In this project, we will use Arduino UNO board to drive an 8×8 LED matrix and display letter from A to I in the LED matrix.



1 pc UNO Board
1 pc 8×8 LED matrix dot matric led
8 pc 220 ohm resistance 220_resistor
1 pc breadboard BREADBOARD

Circuit Graph:

download code and copy/paste the code into Arduino IDE, then run the code.

Open the serial window on the upper right corner of the Arduino IDE, you will see result as following image:

The LED matrix will repeat displaying letter “A” to “I” one by one.

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PapaitoLocoPosted on  3:18 am - Mar 8, 2017

Could you upload the images please?

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