Use Arduino to drive 4×4 Matrix Keypad


Use Arduino to drive 4×4 Matrix Keypad


4×4 matrix keypad is a very commonly used input device for Arduino and many other MCU controllers. This project will show you how to use Arduino to get input information from 4×4 matrix keypad

2)Parts and Devices

Arduino UNO R3 x 1;

USB cable x 1;

4×4 keypad x 1;

RED LED x 1;

Jumper wires

Circuit graph:



Arduino 4×4 keypad
Digital 2 1
Digital 3 2
Digital 4 3
Digital 5 4
Digital 6 5
Digital 7 6
Digital 8 7
Digital 9 8

4)Sample code link

Down load Keypad librarie here

Note: After download Keypad.rar file from above link, please copy the Keypad directory to Arduino IDE libraries folder,then Download CustomKeypad sketch code and run the code


Open serial window in upper right corner of Arduino IDE,push any button of the keypad,you will see the Red LED connected to Arduino will flash and you will see the key value in serial window.



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