Use Arduino to drive DS1302 clock module


Use Arduino to drive DS1302 clock module


DS1302 clock module has an inner clock and 31 bytes memory which can communicate with Arduino through serial port. This project will use Arduino to drive DS1302 clock module, get date/time and display it into I2C LCD screen.

2)Parts and devices:

1 x arduino UNO R3

1 x DS1302 clock module

1 x IIC 1602 LCD display

1 x USB cable

jumper wires

3)Circuit graph:


4)Software download and installation:

First you need Download i2c LCD driver and DS1302 driver from following links:
LiquidCrystal_I2C download

DS1302 download link

Unzip above two files and move the unzipped library folder to Arduino IDE library folder.

Then download DS1302 running code from following link:
DS1302_test.ino download link

, load above code into Arduino.
If your LCD does not display anything, your LCD’s I2C address might be different from our code. Read the article×2-i2c-liquidcrystal-displaylcd/and find correct I2C address, then change the address 0x27 in DS1302_test.INO file to correct address(another very common address is 0x3f).


After load DS1302_test.ino file into Arduino IDE, you should see your current date like “27/07/2016 Wed”, see following pictures:



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Use Arduino to drive DS1302 clock module –

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