Use Arduino to drive HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor and 2-relay


Use Arduino to drive HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor and 2-relay


This project will show you how to use Arduin to drive HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor and detect human motion.

2)Parts and Devices

1 x Arduino UNO

1 x HC-SR501 infrared motion sensor

1 x USB cable

1 x 2-channel relay


1 x BLue LED

1 x Breadboard

Jumper wires

3)Circuit graph


4)sample code link

down load motion sensor relay sample code


When human is moving close to motion sensor, relay channel one will open and channel 2 will close, RED LED will turn on and blue LED will turn off. When human is moving away from sensor, relay channel 1 will close and channel 2 will open. Red LED will turn off and Blue LED will turn on. Picture as following:



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