Robot Smart Car Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino Raspberry Pi


Robot Smart Car Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino Raspberry Pi

This sensor modules kit can be widely used in smart robot,smart car and smart robot car.It include arduino’s most common and usefull electronic components, developed specially for those who are interested in arduino smart robot car DIY.

This sensor kit include ultrasonic sensor,tracking module,IR receiver. It can be used to keep the car away from barrier and make the specific travel via remote-control.

This sensor kit include flame detection sensor,temperature sensor,photosensitive light sensor and infrared PIR motion sensor.It could be used to monitor the fire.

This sensor kit included tilt sensor,vibration sensor and tri-axis gyroscope sensor, it can be used to trigger the the effect of various vibration, theft alarm, intelligent car, earthquake alarm, motorcycle alarm.

You’ll learn through building several creative projects. Starting from the basics of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with components.

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