FAQ for F208 PBX Telephone Switch System Control Exchange SOHO


FAQ for F208 PBX Telephone Switch System Control Exchange SOHO


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1)I am trying to place my own answering message in the unit. I have not had any success so far.I am using a file called 1.mp4 138kb but the unit will not recognize it. Is there a limit to how many kbs ( how large a file is the max for a primary answering message) I can use in this file?

If you want to use customized voice, you need to delete all files came with PBX  (please save all files as back-up before delete all original voice files), then upload all your customized voice files on PBX. The system cannot recongnized if you just change one or two voice files.
All customized voice files format need to be as follows: 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav 4.wav 5.wav (Because one customer tell us it cann’t work with .mp4 format, it work with .wav)
Make sure that the size of each voice files should not over 1Mb and total size of your 5 files should not over 2Mb.

2)Does this allow you to record your own messages for the auto attendant? Like press 1 for this department or press 2 for this department, then rout to the telephone or telephone number I want it to?
Yes. We do have auto attendant feature. You can use windows recorder to record your own voice message “press 801 for dept A ,802 for dept 2 …” and save it as file name 1.wav and then use a microUSB cable to move the 1.wav file into our PBX. then activate Automode. By default number 801 means ext 1, 802 is for ext 2 and so on, you can customize the number if you want. For detail guide, please check our menu which comes with our machine and our website tutorial : www.kookye.com/?p=4795
3)How do you access all the features, I just see rj11 jacks, does it require some kind of software?
All the features can be accessed and configurated by dialing some special code from a phone connected to ext 1 jack. No need special software. You can check these special function code from our user menu which comes with our machine.
4)Does it run on a regular home phone with multiple extensions?
Yes. Our PBX support any home phone or cordless phone as long as it support DTMF (almost 99% phone in the market support DTMF). If you have a cordless phone which has multiple extensions, simply connect the base machine with one of our ext jack, all its sub-extension will share this ext number.
5) I need something I can record my own auto attendant messages on for different departments and have it rout to that phone. So the caller has to go through options said in my voice then press and option to be transferred to my phone. 
We have two functions which can perfectly meet your requirements:
Call forwarding : Any extension can be set to forward its incoming call to any other extension. For example, if you are in ext 2 and your secretary is in ext 2. When you are on vacation, you can set all incoming call to ext 2 forward to ext 1.
Call Transfer: Anyone receives a call can press some code and transfer it to another ext.
6)Does it support auto forwarding callers who press an option to another phone number, so the caller can be transferred to my cell phone number?
Right now we does not support call forwarding to cell phone. Our new IP PBX mode will support such function. but price should be higher.
7)What is the maximum allowable duration for the greeting, or auto attendant outgoing message?
F208 PBX TOTAL have 5 voice message file for 5 scenarios.
Message 1(1.wav size 156kb) : Thank you for calling, please dial extension number, dial 0 for operator.
Message 1 will be heard when caller just called into system.
Message 2 (2.wav size 78Kb): Sorry, the number you are calling is busy, please call again later.
Message 2 will be heard when caller destination ext is busy.
Message 3(3.wav size 92 KB): Hello, nobody answer your call, please call again later.
Message 2 will be heard when caller destination does not answer in a specific time
Message 4(4.wav size 120kb) : sorry, the number you are calling does not exist, please check and dial again.
Message 4 will be heard when called dialed a wrong ext number.
Message 5(5.wav size 1.5M): some music for waiting purpose.
Message 5 will be heard when caller’s call is on hold or being transfered to another ext.
Most important is Message 1 which is for caller to dial ext number.
You can record your own voice files ,upload to our PBX to replace default message.
The limitation of your message is not by message length but by voice file size. Maximum size for the 5 files is about 3 to 4 mega bytes. If you use higher compress rate to save wav or mp4 file, you might record longer message.
You can download our user manual from our kookye website :
F208 PBX–http://kookye.com/driver/f208-user-manual.rar
F208 Plus PBX– http://kookye.com/driver/f208-plus-user-manual.rar
Our office website: http://kookye.com/?p=2648
8)Does this machine have pre-programmed extensions?
The PBX does not need any pre-programmed phone extension.
9) what phone models work well with this system?
Any phone (except those very very old fashion pulse signal phone which does not support dial tone) can be used as extension of this PBX,all control and function is implemented by dialing ##+some special dialing code.
10)What is the operating system of the PBX? and what is the management interface (if at all) of the SW in the box?
We don’t have operation system on the PBX. the management are all effected by dialing code from phone set. In F208 Plus model we will also support Windows GUI management menu. You can do same configuration job in PC.
11)How to customize F208 PBX Auto Attendant voice message?
You can visit our website to see instruction of customizing auto attendant voice message –http://kookye.com/?p=4795.
12)Does this system support voicemail for each extension?how do I make all extensions ring when an outside call comes in?
1) We do not support Voicemail on PBX, you should buy a phone set which support voicemail and connect it to PBX.
2)If you want to let all extensions ring when outside call comes, you need key in following commands:##7871967590 3 * 00 * 0 *2* 1 #

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