The Frequently Asked Questions about LKV373 HDMI extender


The Frequently Asked Questions about LKV373 HDMI extender


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Please read the following quesion and answer before buy the product.

Question : What is the difference between LKV373 (v3.0 or v2.0) and LKV372 ? How can i find out what version do i have?
Answer:The LKV373A (v3.0 or v2.0) version is incompatible with the LKV372Pro version.
The LKV373 and LKV373A series are 1 to multiple and the LKV372Pro is just 1 to 1(it cannot be 1 to multiple even if you bought two pairs).

Question : What is the difference between LKV373 v 2.0 and LKV373A V3.0? How can i find out what version do i have?
As for the LKV373A v3.0 and LKV373 v2.0, the distance of transmission is the same, but the LKV373A extender have better and clearer transmission effect in picture quality and video effect.
The old V2.0 sender cann’t work with new V3.0 reciever, If you ever bought old verion one and keep it(whatever sender or receiver), please purchase the same version.

Question : Is it having an effect on using different ethernet cable ?
Generally, the better quality the ethernet cable is, the farther the transmission is.
The distance of transmission is at least 260ft (80m) with standard cat5, 320ft (100m) with standard cat5e,390ft (120m) with standard cat6.
The lenght of HDMI cable that connect the HDMI sender (TX) and receiver (RX)must be not exceed 10 meter.

Question : Does it support the 3D signal transmission?
No, it doesn’t. As this product did not support the HDMI 1.4 and 3D signal device, please make sure that the sender(TX) must be input the HDMI 1.3 signal with 50Hz / 60Hz,such as 1080P 60Hz. (Notebook, DVD,Set Top Box ,PS3 are recommended.)

Meanwhile, the output port of receiver (RX)only support the 1080P full high definition LCD TV and monitor.

Note: The audio and video format is incompatible with DTS ACS audiocast, please input the PCM format. Or it would lead to the noise or no sound transmission.

Question : Is possible to have two LKV373(v2.0 or v3.0) senders in same network ? The receiver can be configured to select the sender ?
No, it doesn’t.In a LAN, the switch need to be in the same network and it should no any other network device under the same network,such as computer,printer,fax,network camera.

When you cannot find a LAN, please directly connect the sender(TX) and receiver(RX).

Question : Is the power of LKV373(v3.0 or v2.0) supply an universal one? In the other words, does the voltage input ranges from 100V to 240V?
Yes it is. 100/240V ~50/60 Hz.
As it DO NOT support the POE , please DO NOT use the switch with the POE ,or the product would be destoryed. Please DO NOT use the high-power industrial switching power supply. Please use our special affiliated power equipments ( DC 5V/1A ).

Note: Sometimes there is the static electricity in working time, it may lead to no display, please reset the product after the power supply shut down.

Please email to us, if you have any other problem.

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