3-Wheels Smart Car Based on ESP8266 Expansion Board


3-Wheels Smart Car Based on ESP8266 Expansion Board

1. Project Introduction

This project is using ESP8266 Expansion Board to work as a data bridge between Android mobile APP and toy car, you can send control signal to the car and get sensor data from the car by tapping the APP buttons.

The project has an Arduino UNO board as car controller, a L298N module as motor driver, a three-wheel chassis as framework

2.Parts and Devices List

Pictures Device Quantity Purchasing Link
LACC200600 Arduino UNO Board 1 Buy It
LACC200600-01 ESP8266 Expansion Board 1 Buy It
L298N-0 L298N 1 Buy It
THRC200200-01 3-Wheels Car Chasis 1 Buy It
DC male-1 DC Male 1 Buy It
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Temperature Sensor 1 Buy It
Flame Detection Sensor Flame Sensor 1 Buy It
Photosensitive Light Sensor Module Light Sensor 1 Buy It
20cm male female Dupont Wires some Buy It

3. Connection

Please insert the ESP8266 Expansion Board into Arduino UNO R3 Board as per following pictures, then set the two switches in ESP8266 Expansion Board to “ON” so that the ESP8266 Expansion Board is connected with Arduino UNO serial port.


3.1 Motor

3.2 Light Sensor Module

Light Sensor Arduino
AO Pin A2

3.3 Flame Sensor Module

Flame Sensor Arduino
AO Pin A3

3.4 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

DS18B20Temperature Sensor Arduino
S Pin D2
Middle +5V

3.5 Motion Sensor Module

Motion Sensor Arduino
OUT Pin D4

4 Code
arduino esp8266 uart wiifi code

5 Debug

Set the switch of ESP8266 Expansion Board to “12” , load above code into Arduino UNO board, then set the switch to “ON” and turn on the power .

In your Android mobile phone, download and install the APP:BTcar.apk

Now use mobile phone to search your surrounding wifi hotspots, you can find a wifi hotspot named “DoitWIFI_Config”, connect this hotspot(No Password), as shown in figure



Click the up and down buttons , the car will move forward and backward respectively. Tap left and right buttons and your call move towards left and right. Tap the middle button can stop the car and get sensor data.

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