KOOKYE PBX Telephone Switch System Control Exchange 2 x 8 Extensions for Small Office / Home Office


KOOKYE PBX Telephone Switch System Control Exchange 2 x 8 Extensions for Small Office / Home Office

Frequently Asked Question: FAQ FOR F208 PBX

Customize Auto Attendant Voice Message: Customize your voice message

  • AFFORDABLE PBX — This PBX has all the standard features and be affordable for all home office comparable to those expensive PBX.
  • IDEAL SOLUTION–This PBX have 2 outside lines (2 CO lines) and 8 station ports(8 extension lines) and can be deployed at a mid-sized main office and warehouse according to your needs.
  • SUPPORT REGULAR HOME PHONE–This PBX can support most regular home phone or cordless phone as extension set,no need expensive proprietary phone set.
  • STANDARD FEATURES–It support many standard features including in Automated Attendant,Call transfer, Call Forwarding, Secretary assisted dialing, Do not disturb(DND),Call hold and retrieve etc.The new feature of F208 Plus include Caller ID display and Robo-Call Blocker.
  • EASY TO INSTALLATION–This PBX comes with detailed user manual with easy-to-understand graph instruction, so even if you has no experience on using PBX, you can install and set up the PBX in short time.
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–Features Highlights–
Flexsible extension device requirment
Unlike other phone systems which require expensive and customized phone set . F208 can accept any DTMF phone as extension. You can use your existing home phone or cordless phone as extension which can save lots of your investment.

Automated attendant built-in Voice(BV)
The customizable Automated attendant BV can help incoming caller to connect a specific extension directly or ask for operator for assistance.

Incoming call transfer
Incoming call to any extension can be transfered to any other extension easily.

Flexible Caller ID Display (**New function in F208 PLUS **)
F208 Plus support both DTMF and FSK dual-format incoming Caller ID display function.

This function would be realized until the latest improved version launch 2017/06/01

Secretary assisted dialing
A secretary can make outgoing calls from any extension and then transfer the call to another extension.

Flexible outgoing calling
This PBX also support direct outgoing call without any prefix. If the system is set as direct outgoing call without prefix, inside call(extensions call each other)should add a prefix # before extension number.

Robo-Call blocker (**New function in F208 PLUS **)
F208 Plus PBX has an easy to use Robo-Call blocker.
When  you get annoying soliciting call or Robo-Call, you can easily add the caller into a BlackList during the call. A caller in the BlackList will be automatically blocked if he wants to call your PBX in future.

This function would be realized until the latest improved version launch 2017/06/01

Flexible incoming ringing
F208 PBX allows incoming call ringing on any selected extension or ringing on all extensions. Check configuration guide in next chapter.(Default incoming call rings on extension 01).

Restricting outgoing calls
Long-distance prefix dialing can be disabled on any extension by restricting the dialing of certain prefix patterns.

Demension: 7 x 4 x 1.8 inches
Micro USB Port : upload automatic attendant voice from pc to this port
Power Voltage : 110V (USA)/220V (EU)

Package Content:
1x F208 PBX , 1x US Adapter / Euro Adapter, 1x Micro USB , 1x English Manual

User Manual Download (F208) Purchase before 2016/9/31

User Manual Download(F208) Purchase after 2017/05/31

User Manual Download(F208) Purchase after 2017/06/01

1. If you use an SLT that does not have the ” *” or “#” keys, it is not possible to access features that have ” * ” or “#” in their feature numbers which are required by many functions of F208 PBX.

2. The telephone RJ11 socket need to be 6P2C,please kindly make sure your PBX is connected to 6p2c socket before you buy it.


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